NEW Series: Playlist

I’m looking forward to a new four-week series we’re beginning this Sunday called, “Playlist.” It’s a look at four of the songs that have received heavy “airplay” on my iPhone in 2017. There are reasons I’ve played these tunes a lot this year, and subsequently, reasons why I want to talk about them. The reasons vary from depth of lyrics, to theology, to production, to how these songs intersect with our society, to creativity, and on and on! I think an integral point here is that music plays a pivotal role in our culture. What we listen to, and why we listen to it, says something about us.

A good song tells a story, which sets me up to talk about the Bible because the Bible is a story. Yes, get all the facts, and players, and history, and science, and understanding that you can. There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t rip the guts out of the story. Like Brian Zahnd says…

It’s not how many cubits of water you need to put Everest under a flood
But why the world was so dirty that it needed such a big bath
Trying to find Noah’s ark
Instead of trying to rid the world of violence
Really is an exercise in missing the point

Speaking of missing the point—
It’s not did a snake talk?
But what the freakin’ thing said!
Because even though I’ve never met a talking snake
I’ve sure had serpentine thoughts crawl through my head

Those are good lines. I wish I had written them, and he had written something better. (That’s how you get around jealousy, btw. You just wish the other person had something better!) If you want to join in with us on talking about stories, and life, and how music can help us (or hurt us) during the month of July join us at Mission. And if you want to get a head start on songs start listening to Gungor, Chance the Rapper, John Mayer, and the venerable, Andrae Crouch.

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